100% Natural

Incredible Kettle Corn is…

guaranteed to be different from your regular movie theater popcorn or microwave popcorn. Our three simple ingredients of:

Natural Sea Salt
Canola Oil

are combined and hand popped in a large kettle. This ensures evenly distributed flavor, premium crunch and a perfect, addicting combination of sweet and salty gourmet popcorn!

incredible kettle corn

Original Kettle Corn

Original sweet and salty

incredible kettle corn


Sweet caramel with a hint of salt, different from regular caramel candy-coated popcorn. More crunch, more flavor, less sugar.

incredible kettle corn

Blue Raspberry Cherry

The colorful combo of a tasty lollypop and crunchy popcorn that will satisfy your sweet tooth, yet has a fraction of the calories you’d find in regular candy.

incredible kettle corn

Cheddar Caramel

Also known as Chicago Mix. This ultimate sweet and salty combo is made up of sweet caramel and sharp cheddar cheese.

incredible kettle corn

Spicy Buffalo

Our signature blend of sweet and salty kettle corn, hand popped with a dash of gourmet chilli powder and paprika. Satisfyingly sweet and spicy!

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