• Where can I find your product?

You can order from our web shop and have it delivered to your door. You can check out our IG page and pass by one of our local weekly markets. Better yet, call, write, DM us, or send a carrier seagull to let us know exactly what you are looking for! We may be closer than you think.

  • Do you cater or deliver?

Yes and yes. Check out our Catering page to find out more.

  • Are your products non-GMO? 

Yes. All our corn is non-GMO. Feel better with each morsel.

  • Do you have a store?

Online? Yes. You are at the right place to shop all of our products. However, we do not have a brick & mortar store front.


  • What is Kettlecorn? 

It’s popcorn! But not exactly… Kettlecorn is made from regular popping corn. The difference is how it’s popped! Kettlecorn is traditionally made in a large, iron kettle that has been oiled. The popcorn is popped before it is tossed with a little salt, and of course some sugar, to give it that Incredible flavor.


  • Do you have a salty flavor?

Yes! Kettle corn is a popular snack that is traditionally a combo of sweet and salty, but we do have a mouth-wateringly delicious butter-popcorn flavor for those who prefer their popcorn salty. 


  • Can you make me a custom flavor? 

Absolutely! We have accommodated all kinds of crazy requests, flavors and colors. Let’s work together and come up with the perfect combo for your taste buds and events. Contact us today.

  • Why isn't your caramel sweeter?

Two words, glaze and coating. Our popcorn is hand-popped in a large iron kettle over a rocket-fuel burner (jk, it’s powered by propane, just like your grill outside). That allows us to make it lightly-glazed. That's one of the best-kept secrets to getting the best kettle corn out there.

We love it when we get feedback from customers about how the popcorn is not “too sweet”, which makes us stand out among other kettle corn popcorn brands.


  • How many calories are in your kettlecorn?
Our kettle corn carries 140 calories per serving of popcorn, a serving is about 125 grams (4.4 oz) That comes out to be about 4 full cups of kettle corn! It's a great light-snack that fulfills your craving without filling your belly.