We're so glad you're here to explore our hand-popped kettlecorn and all our crafted premium flavors. 

We pop,

you snack, 

we all share in the joy!


How it all started

Imagine in your mind's eye; smell it in your …. mind's nose.

It’s a beautiful sunny day on the pier. The wooden planks creak under your feet, seagulls caw, and the familiar sea breeze blows through your hair. Just when you think your senses can’t take in any more, you smell something in the air; steamy hot fresh popcorn tinged with the sweet aroma of caramel and the occasional cheddar waft. You have arrived at Incredible Kettlecorn.

In 2011, Tino Fernandez first invoked the snack gods to conquer the local Flea Market with his one-man show of making delicious hand popped kettle corn.

From those humble beginnings and with the help of his two sons and daughter, he branched out into the local farmer’s markets, festivals, and family events all over South Florida. He partnered with a team of experienced kettlecorn connoisseurs to improve the flavor and create a snack that no one could turn down. Little did he know, Incredible Kettle Corn would become a household name all throughout South Flroida, and eventually the country. When anyone tastes our kettle corn, they taste the incredible in this crunchy snack.

With time, perseverance and the input of our creative, hard-working team of chefs, we’ve developed the perfect balance of sweet, salty and crunchy. Since then, our gourmet popcorn has been a healthy snack that keeps our faithful customers coming back for more!


Our Online Store

If you can’t make it down to Miami for a hot bag, keep your shirt on. We have all our flavors available for nationwide shipping. Check out our web shop and get crazy trying to pick from our many delicious flavors.

Our South Florida Markets

 Whenever you see a bunch of white tents gathered up, you can be sure it is one of the many wonderful local farmers markets from Palm Beach Gardens down to the Florida Keys. We have Incredible Kettlecorn setup inside malls, hospitals, offices, and food truck events ready to serve you hot, hand-popped kettlecorn. Take a look at our Instagram to see where you can find us near you!